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Croatian Painters Exhibit in New York City: Gallery MC Hosts Contemporary Artists and Mozartine Choir

painters-0926111Sixteen Croatian painters from Zagreb, Istria, Rijeka, Split and Dubrovnik showcased their work in the third installment of Inter Imago at Gallery MC in New York City on 24 September 2011. Along with Croatian artists, Inter Imago presented other artists from southeastern Europe, including Melinda Šefčić from Subotica, Nataša Tomić from Belgrade, and Kolja Berisaj from Montenegro.

Gallery MC New York (gallerymc.org) is a non-profit multicultural art gallery committed to supporting emerging artists. The gallery has been instrumental in introducing Americans to work by southeastern European artists. This exhibition was produced by Peti Element Fine Art Agency (petielement.hr) and curated by Vendi Borović.

painters-0926112In attendance were three of the featured painters: Jana Bonačić from Split, Ivan Radman from Zagreb, and Kolja Berisaj from Montenegro, who now resides in New York. Berisaj, who was named the winner of the exhibition, was chosen to exhibit his work alongside other master artists at the Armory in New York. One of Berisaj's paintings, a girl in water, caught my eye. "It was inspired by the Cijevna River in Montenegro," Berisaj said. "This painting is of a woman taking a bath in a connected lagoon." Although Berisaj now lives in New York, it is clear that his motherland has a strong influence in his

painters-0926113Jana Bonačić's multimedia collage paintings were also compelling. Using newspaper clippings from "Slobodna Dalmacija", Bonačić crafted buildings and skyscrapers. "It represents a collision of old and new," Bonačić said. "The old city relates to memories and thoughts, and the new city is black and white with modern skyscrapers."

Mozartine, an all-girls choir visiting from Zagreb, treated guests to a performance while they took in the art and sipped Pelinkovac brandy from Rovinj. The choir, comprised of girls ranging from 12-18, sings classical music. Led by director Iva Rem, Mozartine sang a variety of songs including Croatian selections, "Zelena Dobrava" and "Sinoć Kad Sam Ti Proša."



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